Chamblin's Virtual 'Meet the Author" with Therese Tappouni

Chamblin's Virtual 'Meet the Author" with Therese Tappouni

Tuesday, Sep 08, 2020 3:00 PM - 7:00 PM

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Chamblin's Virtual 'Meet the Author" with Therese Tappouni Tuesday, Sept. 8 @ 3 p.m. and 7 p.m.
Chamblin Bookmine presents local author Therese Tappouni as she discusses her latest book, Caught Between Two Worlds. She will offer insights and read passages in an online chat with Chamblin’s Cari Hamoui. There is no charge to attend this inaugural event, but registration is required. Information will not be shared with a third party. Seating is limited.

About the Book
This is an adventure story that takes place in Iraq in 1980. After the death of his mother, Tom O'Hara has no choice but to leave his Tampa school and friends and go with his father on a posting to Iraq. There, Tom meets his friend Mikhail and accompanies him and his family to the north for Easter. As they travel, the possibility of war between Iran and Iraq grows so dangerous that John, Tom's father, comes north to get him so he can be evacuated back to the U.S. As he arrives, John is kidnapped by Iranian terrorists fleeing the country. Because the Iraqis are too busy preparing for war to look for John, Tom and Mikhail combine the "Can Do" of Americans with the "God willing" of the Iraqi's to rescue Tom's father. Along the way, they are aided by Alexander the Great and his friend Hephaestion, among many others, both living and time-traveling. The boys find commonality in their love of history and admiration for Alexander and their determination to bring John O'Hara home. 

About the Author

Author Therese Tappouni latest book Caught Between Worlds: Tom, Mikhail and Alexander the Great is one of seven published works (fiction, poetry, and non-fiction)—four of which have received major awards—and creator of two meditation/visualization CDs with her voice over the Prague Symphony Orchestra.
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