Frequently Asked Questions 

How does your trade policy work?

                     Simply put, we "buy" your books for a "trade credit" amount to be used at both of our stores- this is kept in a simple inventory system with your name and phone number. We also offer cash for half of the credit amount that can be cashed out at any time. Checks are written for cash amounts higher than $50 at Bookmine & $25 at Uptown.

Leftover books must be picked up by the end of the day. Due to volume of incoming books we are not able to call you.

For a more in-depth overview refer to this page.

I have a large collection, can I send you pictures?

We buy according to each title, book condition and varying needs. We cannot  tell you through pictures what individual books we will and will not take. We must see the books in person to give you a price estimate. 

If you have something like an estates worth of books or over 20 moving boxes worth, we do offer house calls- Ron will be happy to check out your collection. In this case, pictures are helpful to let us know what to generally be prepared for, or if the trip is worth it.

Do you accept donations?

Unfortunately, we have stopped taking donations. That is to say, we are asking you to please take back any books we do not want back home with you. If your books are not picked up by closing time the same day they will be processed for recycling and your account will be charged $5 per container at Bookmine and $10 per container at Uptown.

We highly encourage our customers to take their donations to Friends of the Jacksonville Public Library, The City Rescue Mission, Trinity Rescue Mission and Sulzbacher (or any other number of the homeless shelters or thrift stores throughout the city).  

We apologize for any inconvenience, we simply don't have the room or man power to deal with leftover books anymore.  

Do you give donations?

We do offer donations under certain circumstance, send us an email for further inquiry. 

Can you repair my book?

We do not offer a conservation or repairing service at the moment. We highly recommend contacting Amy Minger at Minger Conservation for any sort of rebinding or restoration. 

As far as in-store services, we can mylar your dust jacket for a fee of $5. 

Do you have [insert here]?  

We are happy to search for any book you are looking for, new, used or out-of-print. Because our books are not inventoried, we might take around an hour to get back to you as we check each of our locations.

We can also order new books for our customers, usually with at least a 10% discount and available in store in 3-4 days.

Do you send books to inmates? 

Yes! However, due to very strict requirements we are only able to send new paperback titles directly from our distributor. Customers can look at the book at our front counter but will not be able to walk around with it as a security precaution. 

We will need the facilities address and inmate number. Shipping is $7.99 and taxed when shipped within FL. A tracking number will be emailed to the customer when shipped.

Are you hiring?

Send your resume to When we are hiring, we will contact potential hires according to the order resumes were sent to us. 

I am a local author, how can I get my book sold at your stores?

Send us an email at with your book's title, basic description and how much you're selling for- due to limited space we may be unable to accept certain subject matter. 

If we would like to keep your book at our store we will typically start with four copies, keeping two at both locations to see how they sell. We  purchase your books at the publishers rate of 40% of the list price. 

Can I film / take pictures in your store? 

Please call ahead if you plan to do anything professional in our stores. We will need you to sign a release form for any filming. Photography is welcome, though please be mindful of our customers and staff. 

Keep in mind that our children's section is the one of the most shopped at both of our stores, no pornography or risqué material is permitted.