We buy all types of books, hardcover or paperback, from a single book to large collections …  or even entire households. Preferably the books should be in reasonably good condition. Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding books to sell - at 904-477-9416 -- or email us at

We also buy maps, prints, autographs, old magazines (usually pre-1960), old posters, postcards, and old comics (usually pre-1980).

No appointment is necessary to sell books, but it helps on occasion to phone ahead, especially if you have many boxes -- over 15 for example.  For very large collections, we can certainly schedule a house call at your convenience. It often helps to take some photos of the shelves and text (904-477-9416) or email ( to us so that we can determine the nature of the collection prior to our visit. 


You can trade in books to obtain a book credit, which can be used to obtain books of your choosing, new or used.  For example, if you brought in a box of books for trade, we would review the books, selecting those we need for our stock, and then offer a dollar amount trade credit for the books.  If the credit was $100.00, and you took out a book selling for $10.00, we would subtract the $10.00 from your account, leaving you $90.00 as a balance. The book credit can be used for New and Used books, DVD’s, and music CD’s (anything in the store, really.)

If you decide to “cash out” part or all of your book credit, the cash value is 50% less than the book credit amount.  If you had $100.00 book credit and decided to “cash out”, we would give you a check for $50.00. If the sum paid to you is below $50.00, we can often pay in cash. 

Although we usually accept most books bought from us as trade-ins, we are not obligated to do so, given that the market might be gone on a particular title with the passage of time.  Also, the condition might suffer, or we might be overstocked on the title. On the high volume fiction readers however (mysteries, western etc), we always try to trade in most everything they’ve bought from us.  

NOTE:  Because of our lack of storage space, we will keep for customers all rejected books offered for trade-in for three days, after which we will place out for potential donation to entities able to use them.  We usually recycle the books that are not appropriate for donation.