-Book Trade Policy-


We buy all sorts of books, from single books to large collections, new releases to antique, and all genres.  We also welcome all sorts of  media; postcards, DVDs, vinyl, CDs, magazines, autographs, prints and etc. Once we buy something from you it is calculated into a "store credit" usable at both stores and kept until you decide to use it. We also offer cash for half of the store credit value, a check will be written for anything over $50 at Bookmine and $25 at Uptown.  You do not need an appointment to sell your books to us, if we are open, we are buying. 

Of course, items must be in relatively good condition so we are able to resell. This means we are unlikely to take anything that is water damaged, moldy, smells of smoke, profusely notated or otherwise impaired. If we do, we might offer significantly less in credit.

**We now ask our customers to please take back anything we are unable to use by the end of the day. If they are not picked up, a $5 fee per box will be taken at Bookmine and $10 per at Uptown. **


If you have a notably large collection or home library we also offer on-site visits, you may call Ron at 904-477-9416. 

If you are unsure about bringing your books to us, don't hesitate to give us a call at 904-384-1685, with a brief overview of what you have so we can make sure the trip is worth your time. We cannot do an appraisal over the phone.  



Due to minimal space we must be selective on a title-by-title basis and what is selling best at the time.  

By no means a definitive list, here is a rough idea of what we are and are not willing to take-

What we are interested in:  

- New releases (of the same year)

- Antiquarian books

- Collectibles

- Paperback fiction

- Non-fiction on specific time periods or sub genres.

- National Geographic and Time magazines pre-1950 or 2022/23       

- New Age / Occult 

- True crime

- Philosophy

- Classics 

- Horror 

- Vintage children's series

- Boutique DVDs & Blu-Ray


What we are not interested in: 

- Hardcover general fiction & romance 

- Incomplete encyclopedia sets 

- Certain popular authors (i.e. James Patterson)

- Out dated textbooks 

- Out dated political science

- Very general history or science 

- Christianity (outside of theological study) 

- Cassettes & VHS- unless very collectible*



*for best offer amount, it is recommended you take Vinyl, CDs and cassettes to our downtown store.