𝐒𝐞𝐥𝐥 𝐔𝐬 𝐘𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐁𝐨𝐨𝐤𝐬


There is a 4 box limit at both stores. If you have more than that, please ask for assistance at the front counter before proceeding.  No appointment is necessary to sell books. We buy all types of books, hardcover or paperback, from a single book to large collections…or even entire households. Preferably the books should be in reasonably good condition. Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding books to sell at - 904-384-1685- (Bookmine) or -904-674-0868- (Uptown). You can also email us at chamblinsbooks@gmail.com.

Additionally, we buy maps, prints, autographs, postcards, antiquarian magazines, historical documents and ephemera. For very large collections, we can schedule a house call at your convenience. It often helps to take some photos of the shelves and text 904-477-9416 or email ronchamblin@gmail.com so we can preview the collection prior to our visit. 


You can trade in books to obtain a book credit, which can be used to swap for books of your choosing, new or used.  For example, if you brought in a box of books for trade, we would review the books, selecting those we need for our stock, and then offer a dollar amount trade credit for the books.  If the credit was $100.00, and you took out a book selling for $10.00, we would subtract the $10.00 from your account, leaving you $90.00 as a balance. Book credit can be used towards any items for sale at either bookstore but it is not applicable towards the Uptown Cafe.

If you decide to “cash out” part or all of your book credit, the cash value is 50% less than the book credit amount.  If you had $100.00 book credit and decided to “cash out”, that would translate to $50. 

Although we usually accept many books for trade-in, we are not obligated to accept every title due to our limited shelf space, condition, demand ect.  

NOTE:  If you choose to "save" the books we did not accept for trade, we will only hold them for that same day. If you haven't picked them up by closing time, those items will be processed for donation & recycling.


Question: Do you take in magazines?

Answer: We are accepting some Life or National Geographic magazines, the most recent editions being 2020/2021 or pre-1950s. Beat magazines or antique/souvenir memorabilia might be considered. Specialty events such as the JFK assassination, or others of historical significance would be considered.


Question: What kinds of books do you take?

Answer: We accept all different types of books, authors and genres based on condition, desirability and stock needs. We particularly like collectibles, antiquarian and rare/weird stuff. We are selective because we have limited shelf space in particular areas.


Question: What kinds of books do you not take?

Answer: Most Magazines, encyclopedias, outdated hardcover fiction, random supplemental materials, outdated textbooks, "fluffy" titles, books falling apart or dirty. It depends on the title and subject matter. Certain popular authors like James Patterson or Nora Roberts might not be needed to due over abundance.  


Question: Do you accept textbooks?

Answer: We accept some textbooks based on condition and if the edition is updated and still being used. Loose-leaf and outdated editions are not needed. 


Question: Do you accept DVD’s?

Answer: For the most part, not at this time. We will make special exceptions for collectibles like Criterion and Disney, Blu-Rays, cult classics or exceptional box sets. 


Question: Do you accept encyclopedias Sets?

Answer: In most cases, we don’t need or have space for encyclopedias as they are being more and more obsolete with the advent of the internet. We are accepting special subject matter, and preferably must be complete at that. (Yes example: Encyclopedia of Africa South of the Sahara // No example: Great Books encyclopedia set)