Chamblin's Bookmine

I cannot rave about this book store enough. Because it truly is a book maze. If you're not careful, you will get lost. And if you're going with a friend, be prepared to call each other to reconnect when you're ready to leave. The staff are incredible. And one thing you might not know is that you can bring in your old books for trading in or cash payouts. Chamblin has other campuses, but this one is the best! 

Jennifer G. 


Quite possibly the best bookstore in the whole world. I have been coming to Chamblin for over twenty years. I do t live in town any more, but I always make a point to stop by when I’m back in town. Really a gem of a shop. Give yourself plenty of time to roam around and get lost.

Frederick B.


My favorite bookstore. Ever. The smell. The atmosphere. The staff. The CHOICES. There are walls and walls, and rooms and rooms of ANYTHING you're looking for.

Sheila A. 


Chamblin's Uptown

Best bookstore ever. Sells both new and used books. There are many treasures among the shelves. Prices are fair and you can turn in books for store credit and buy different ones when you choose. Don't miss the quirky sign around the store that will make you smile. Great staff.

Alysa C. 


“I have always imagined that paradise will be a kind of library.” This place is one of a kind. Books everywhere and on every subject and well organized too! New books, old books, rare books, comics, graphic novels, cds and DVDs and more. I could get lost here (and did). The espresso is also strong and there’s great unique flavors like elderflower you can add to your drinks. We also tried a peanut butter cookie sandwich that was fresh and amazing. I look forward to returning.

Erika T. 


Chamblin’s is such a special little place in Jacksonville


Gracie N.