Comprehensive Field Guide for Social Media Strategists. Dr. Amy Jauman.
Comprehensive Field Guide for Social Media Strategists

Comprehensive Field Guide for Social Media Strategists

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ISBN: 9781946649126

Organizations recognize that social media isn't just for fun anymore -it's how you reach your customers, beat your competition, and achieve success as an organization. A successful leader isn't going to hire their niece who just graduated from high school anymore; the job is too important. But how will they determine if someone is the social media professional they claim to be? NISM realized the need for a certification within the realm of social media as more and more individuals entered the field with varying levels of experience. Experienced social media professionals can demonstrate their knowledge and hiring managers can more easily identify individuals with the skill set they desired in social media strategy. A professional certification is the perfect solution. This book covers what you need to know and more to pass the certified SMS exam. Each section of the book covers one of the six content domains: Research and Analysis Strategic Planning Project Management Marketing and Communications Community Management Compliance and Governance Whatever your area of expertise is in social media, this book can highlight what additional information you need to study, practice, or research further through Detailed review of social media concepts and ideas Key industry term definition Real-world application through discussion prompts Infographics and charts to support new or challenging concepts Case studies Detailed exam prep review Written by NISM's Chief Learning Officer Dr. Amy Jauman, this book highlights the key components of what it takes to pass the SMS exam and more. Each section was reviewed by current certified social media strategists, industry experts, and practicing social media professionals to ensure the book has a practical look and feel that makes the detailed information needed to pass the exam easy to identify and remember.

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